Slovak Angling Association(SRZ) has obtained again a mandate from FIPS-Mouche to organize a supreme event WFFC2017  and to showcase this “Event of Fly Fishing art”37th FIPS Mouche WORLD Flyfishing Championship will take place in September 5th--11th, 2017 on rivers Váh, Belá, Poprad and Orava and on the water dam Palcmanska Maša „Dedinky“ which are situated in the central and eastern part of Slovakia in beautiful regions Gemer, Liptov, Orava and Spis. On most of these venues we have already successfully organized WFFC in 2004 (Rivers Belá, Orava, Váh), YWFFC in 2010 (Poprad and Váh) and EFFC in 2013 (Poprad, Váh and Belá). They all provide perfect conditions for flyfishing with the most occured fish such as: brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, chub, danubian salmon, dace. Headquartering in the mountain High Tatras, in well-known Grand hotel Permon **** in village Podbanske, with its spectacular scenery under the majestic peak Krivan, providing return to nature hand in hand with luxury. Closing ceremony and prize giving will take place in the city Liptovský Mikuláš which has already hosted World and European Flyfishing championships organized by the Slovak Angling Association.

Enjoy with us this “Event of Fly Fishing Art”


Hotel Permon

The unique GRAND HOTEL PERMON****, one of the largest and most exclusive hotels in Slovakia, is to be found in the picturesque alpine village of Podbanské, above which stands the majestic Tatra peak Kriváň. The hotel offers the chance to return to nature hand in hand with the luxury of 21st-century comfort and the largest wellness centre in Slovakia. Enter the heart of the High Tatras, and your heart will open to the unique experience of the Grand Hotel Permon ****




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