BitLife Money Guide: How to Make Money in BitLife

Bitlife: How to Get Rich

BitLife: UPDATED – How to get rich and become a millionaire or billionaire

In this life, you have the option to get jobs, assets, pets, spouses, children, and more. You will need maximum smarts to ensure this method works. Start buying real estate as soon as possible. You'll be better served by an undergrad in political science.

Money is a basic currency in Bitlife.

If this is bad enough, it can cause you to be unable to purchase any real estate or do anything cool. When you have a lot of properties, you will notice your game start to become laggy.

What symbol is used depends on which country your character is in currently. The usefulness of money declines the more you have of it.

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However, money is always good. Your character has Bitcoin profit kostena bank balance, and a net worth. Money is a stat level that parents and lovers have and the higher the bar, the richer they are.

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When they marry someone, the spouse's net worth is shown to them. Money can be negative when your character is in debt.

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Money may be gambled at the Casino or Horse Races. Depending on forex trading vs stock trading which is better, some countries will have lower prices for buying, but lower salaries for jobs, making it harder to achieve the Rich or Loaded ribbons and harder to achieve any Achievements associated with high bank balance. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This ribbon can be simple and hard to

However college tuition is free in most of these places, unless seeking higher education. As of Trade bitcoin botcountries with free healthcare will not charge for doctor consultations and treatments, whereas countries without free healthcare will still charge.

Lottery, while far from a sure thing, can set you up for life.

Also, keep in mind that due to an update that keeps in mind currency and inflation, Saudi Arabia is not an ideal tax-shelter. Monaco is far better if you want a good how to invest in different cryptocurrencies, as the pay is significantly better there, even keeping in mind the higher cost of living.

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  • For players who love to hit every achievement, a game has to offer, obtaining every ribbon can prove quite a challenge — particularly if you aren't sure what the names of the ribbons are that you're trying to obtain.

When parents or spouses die, they will leave inheritance and parents may give your inheritance in uneven amounts if you have siblings. If you want to only want your money to go to your kids without your spouse getting any of it, consider having them before marriage, and then update the will before you get married. This also works if you want to have multiple children, but only want to leave it to the eldest.

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  • It's important to have a house and car, but avoid splurging on a mansion when you are living alone.

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