2608, 2017

Closure of competition sectors from 28.8-9.9.2017

August 26th, 2017|

Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic issued the overall prohibition to fish on all competition sectors in the time period 28.8.2017 till 9.9.2017. This measure has been taken in favor of the upcoming WFFC2017 t provide the best possible fishing conditions to its participants. Thank you all for understanding...

2108, 2017

Limited offer for friends and fans to accommodate in Permon

August 21st, 2017|

This is to inform you that there is a limited amount of free rooms in Grand Hotel Permon available and so we provide a time limited offer to any guests willing to accommodate in Permon during WFFC2017 (only from September 5th till September 11th) as of following: Double room 60 Euro a person a night (half board incl.), in case of full occupancy Single room 95 Euro a person a [...]

1708, 2017

Practise on sector II (Poprad) – not recommended

August 17th, 2017|

Due to extremely low water, high temperatures, lower volume of oxygen on river Poprad in town Svit, that recently had caused the killing the lot of fish (more than 100), a management of the local organization of Slovak Angling Association (SRZ) in Svit does not recommend practice on the river Poprad in Svit (fishery 4 – 2020 – 4 – 1 and 4 – 2021 – 4 – 4 ) [...]