Bela river (bank fishing, wading allowed)


Competition sector starts at bridge upper the village Pribilina (crossing road 2358 to Liptovska Kokava) till the bridge over Bela river (crossing road 537 to Liptovsky Peter). Typical High Tatra small/middle sized wild river with very cold water, rocky bottom, width from 8 to 20m, average depth 40-80cm with occasional deeper pools up to 150 cm. River banks highly covered with bushes and trees maninly in upper section and on some places river is divided in several branches with islands. Averaged water flow in September is around 3m3/s. Depending on circumstances the fish can be approached with nymphs, wet flies or dry flies.

Eligible fish occurring:

Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Brook trout, Lake trout, Grayling.

Managed by:

MO SRZ Liptovsky Hradok

Fishing licences:

Jozef Trnka
Pri tehelni, Liptovsky Hradok
Mobile: +421 905603064


Andrej Benka
Mobile: +421911720754

Matej Kordoš
Mobile: +421915670760