(FAQ v angličtine)

A: No, it not possible. According to the FIPS-Mouche Competition Rules v2015 article 13.4, a team may have only 1 designated reserve.

A: The wording is valid for the other guests (e.g. local people…) that are not part of the championship but they still would like to take part in. Of course all participants (competitors, team management and accompanying persons) have the award dinner included in the registration fee….

A: The reason for RM comes out from the specifics of the competition system in Slovakia and so that is why it was included into this document. Organizers worked last year very hard on negotiation with the local clubs (that managing the venues) to pick the best of the best waters for championships and honestly they did, as the amount of clubs willing to provide their waters for local competition unfortunately goes down. The chosen venues are quite heavily fished by the local leisure fishermen as well as by fly fishing competitors. Additionally most of them are annually loaded by local competitions (fly/spin fishing) some of them even twice a year. That is why our fly fishing committee was not able to omit some of them from the annual competition calendar for 2017 and there will be some local competitions organized in summer time on competition sections. It would be quite complicated to set various closures on various sectors, that is why FF committee decided to simplify it and set it common date for all of them. The organizers were clearly indicating it during the inspection held in September last year and it was approved by FIPS-Mouche delegate present.